Image Editor

Edit Features:

  • Scale
  • Rotate
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Flip Vertically
  • Control Opacity
  • Control Saturation


  • You can load an image by clicking the Choose Image button or just paste from the clipboard with CTRL + V or COMMAND + V
  • Holding SHIFT and dragging the corners will scale freelly both sides
  • Holding SHIFT in the middle of an edge will distort the image
  • Holding SHIFT and selecting more than one image will group them in one selection 
  • Hold ALT or COMMAND with mouse wheel to ZOOM IN/OUT
  • Hold ALT or OPTION while pressing left mouse will PAN
  • Reset de sliders of the opacity and saturation by double click in the sliders 
  • Make a rectangle selection to select more than one image.
  • You can add as many images you want in the editor, via by button or pasting from the clipboard
  • The image selected will be always in the front of others
  • After selecting an image an pressing the Copy Image to Clipboard, just paste the image into the Canvas
  • You can only copy one image at the time. To join more that one image use Canvas
  • Delete button - delete selected images
  • Right click options(Save image as and copy image) don't work

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