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literal, symmetrical, rigid nondotted hard edges, tight brushwork, nonatmospheric elegant, culture, subtle lines busy, complex, flamboyant, asymmetrical, organic unbroken, single perspective serious, traditional, conventional, contemporary geometric, straight functional, detail old, lowtech, chunky, historical secular, fragile, clean highresolution, forwardlooking light, happy vibrant digital, forwardlooking, rational, inaccurate, nonrepresentational multicolored, uniform, unvarying, hard, unblended, opaque, rigid, emotionless, muted, neutral restrained, inaccurate nonrepresentative, factual, classic whole, honest, 2d effect, unromantic, beautiful, complimentary highres, refined, sophisticated, poor, noniconic, undistorted, objective, complex curvilinear, apolitical, utopian, earthy, not h,r, gigerinspired analog, chaotic, animalistic, nonislamic delicate, flat lighting, unemotional, cityfocused, ornamental, maximal, mainstream comfortable, gradient imprecise, conscious, planned, 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