[5:44 PM]sudo: It's 12 hours from image creation (edited)
[5:44 PM]sudo: So if an image was at the top within 5 minutes of creation, you'll see it for 12 hours.


Hi Monz, can you quickly tell me if the Pro's have unlimited use of Object Erase Tool, if not what is the limit. I know already that 20 it's for free users. Thanks in advance

[7:57 PM]EMonz: Correction, had to dig deeper It's actually 5K a day/24hrs which should be more than enough. So not unlimited but I would think a generous limit


]EMonz: Yeah it was changed recently. Canvas is still in Beta so anything can change at any time. IT will remain at 5 for now for free users. But yes you can say unlimited but just like the object eraser I'm sure there is a max cap but I don't think it's needed to mention it